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well what can I say. I study then I sleep and then I study.

the class average for out last chem test was 98% wich if you remember is stark contrast from our previous test. we are learning more and more. we have actully started the content for our last test. time flies when your in the library all day. before we now it the semester will be over.

this week we have a pharm test on monday and our third a&P test on friday. I am starting to feel like a might make it. which is actually a detrimnetal feeling. seein as how I havnt' studied for the upcoming test near as much as I had the previous two. I better get on it. I only have this evening for the pharm. but the test is supposed to be easier than the last. which was autonomics. I think the class average was 80. I lucked out with an 88 and that is whats driving my laziness this time. by lazy I mean I spent 8 hours studing pharm yesterday as apposed to 12.



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We are just past the halfway point, but with many tests left to go. Having a hard time really seeing the light that doth shine Dec. 13 (Day after finals week); however, we start airway next week, and the semster culiminates in 3 days of OR time with the potential for placing tubes!!


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I said previously that our test today was supposed to be easy compared to the last one.

never belive them. never ever belive them.

matt. post test


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Yeah. That test wasn't cool at all.

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