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Hi There, I would like to start a new topic after screening through some of the older posts to search for a similar plight, but in vain.

I am a US residing individual with a BS degree earned outside of US in a non-nursing field wanting to pursue an ABSN program here. I hope I have not put you off already.

I came across a lot of posts which say that they want to get here with their bachelors in nursing but none which would discuss about someone already here with a green card and wanting to pursue a nursing degree. My justification for creating the new topic.

My questions start from:

1) What should be my first step.

2) Since I am willing to relocate to any of the states,which credentialling company is most reliable here and as such is accepted throughout US. How does credentialling help.I am being told that not all schools need the transcripts to be evaluated unless they are in a language other than English.

3) My main cause of worry is the pre-requisites. My Bachelors in Science did not include Biology. When I checked with a community college, I was told that I will first need to complete a general biology class before I take the Anatomy&Physiology class.Is any one aware if this is true. I have studied biology till the high school level.

I have around whooping! 15 pre requisites to satisfy in my state. Any input on how to plan to take the pre-requisites will be greatly appreciated.

I hope I don't sound like a soldier from a lost battle!

Thanking you in advance,


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Start by meeting with someone at the admissions office in the school or schools you're interested in attending. Some ABSN programs are very competitive. If I'm not mistaken, all require prerequisites which would vary depending on your previous undergraduate major. Not all schools require a formal educational credentialing service from an outside company. Some only require an official transcript in English. Some schools have a point system in terms of your chance of admission (i.e., all prerequisites taken in the same school, GPA from science courses, etc.). Technically, you can take your prerequisites in cheaper educational options such as community colleges but if the school you're interested in prefers applicants who took prerequisites in their school, you may have to do that. That's why it's important that you meet with the specific schools themselves and prepare according to their requirements. Ask to meet with current students so that you can assess how well your stats stack up to theirs. You can do it, I know people who had undergraduate degrees from a foreign country and got admitted to an ABSN program.



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Thanks for your reply Juan, it was very comforting.

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To me, it sounds like you have a good chance of getting into a ABSN program (as long as your grades are good) or at least some traditional programs.

Remember, even people with bachelor degrees from the US sometimes have to complete prereqs before being able to apply and start. Most schools require anatomy, physiology and microbiology. If you haven't taken them in college, you'll have to take them as prereqs. That's all schools that I know of.

You should start in the admissions office of a college you are interested in to see how they accept your previous degree.

There are no credentials to get before becoming an RN except BLS (basic life support). Most credentials that RNs hold are reviewed after working in a specialty, like CCRN for critical care nurses or TNCC for emergency and trauma nurses. (I could also just not know what you are talking about, and if that's the case, just ignore me. )