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Ms. Genevieve Jordan was living legend in the field of nursing. I met her when I was 15 years old. At that time, she was responsible for hiring low income students who were interested in health careers. The selected students would be working under her supervision for the Baltimore Summer Corp. I was one of those students selected.

Many times I was unsure of how I would get to Johns Hopkins Hospital and often, I did not have money for lunch. She was very supportive. She made it clear that I had to fight to realize my dream of becoming a registered nurse. She taught me to never give up regardless of the challenges that I faced.

She shared her struggle with segregation during her nursing school years. It was that sharing that encouraged me to stand fast regardless of my own circumstances. Poverty nor predjudice could be an excuse for dropping out and failure was not an option.

Her example helped me to gain strength in the face of unfair treatment during my nursing school days. She exemplified the spirit of courage and determination. Although she is no longer with us, her leadership is constant. Thank you Ms. Jordan for giving me a chance and I will pass on the courage that you instilled in me to future nurses.

Wilma Eady.RN.BSN,MA

How absolutely awesome, to be remembered that way, for those kinds of things. Thank you for sharing your remembrance with us, I feel privileged to know her name.

Specializes in Family, Maternal-Child Health.

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