Unreported DUI in Florida

by jdhilditch jdhilditch (New) New

I received a DUI in May of 2010. I honestly wasnt aware that I had to report the infraction to the BON. It is only recently after a friend (who dealt with multiple DUI's in a short period) was required to enter a diversion program when applying for her RN. I know a DUI is a DUI but I also know her circumstances are way worse than mine(BAC high enough for interlock device, multiples within 3 years) I was dealing with the loss of my father and made a short stretch of bad decisions culminating with the "simple" DUI offense. I have never had a legal issue before and have not had one since but I did not self report. I have since gained additional LPN licenses in other states and have completed most of my associates program for my RN. My question is, does anyone have any first hand advice on the possibilities of being denied the opportunity to sit for my RN and quite possibly having my LPN revoked for the lack of disclosure at the time of the infraction.

PS Of course I would never lie when applying to sit for my RN license about the previous infraction.... I have every intention of disclosing then.

Only quality advice need reply and yes, I have read all the other "DUI" threads but none of them relate to non-disclosure after the fact.