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UNR Hesi A2 Exam


Hello everyone! I just took my Hesi Exam for UNR Orvis School of Nursing yesterday and just wanted to share my experience.

The subjects I had to take were

-Reading Comprehension



-Anatomy and Physiology

-Personality test (not graded)

The MOST helpful thing for this exam is going to be the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book. After you take the exam, you can look at your scores in detail on the evolve.elevier website. Any areas that you did not so well on, they will give you study information to improve. All of them suggest to use this book!

I also used the pocketprep app. I paid for the full version, about 15 dollars. I took practice exams for 3 months here and there. This definitely helped test my knowledge.

1) Reading Comprehension

I ignorantly did NOT study this topic. I was too worried about the math and A&P that I didn't bother. I wish I had though because it was difficult. Use the book I suggested and you will do okay in this section.


You definitely want to study for this. Make sure you know what nouns, pronouns, adjectives, predicates, etc are. Then you have to know which words are more appropriate, ex: farther vs. further, their vs. there, etc. Also be sure to know about subject-verb agreement, misplaced modifiers, basically everything the review book goes over. On this section I studied pretty hard for, but the questions turned out to be a lot easier than what I thought they would be.


WAY more simple than I thought. Deals with multiplying fractions and ratios. Half way through the test is when I realized there was a calculator, ugh. But I still got a 96% because the math was that basic. The questions I missed were on household measuring. You must know your conversions like gm to mg, tbsp to cups, pints to oz, etc. In the review book there is a table that has all of these conversions. Memorize them and when you step in to take your exam, write it down quickly so you have a reference.

4)Anatomy and Physiology

Okay, I used the app heavily for this one as well as the book. It still wasn't enough. This section covered so much broad information. For questions regarding physiology, the book and app really helped. Although, one thing they don't really cover is the anatomy. Review the bones, the nerves, and the arteries/veins and where everything is located. I didn't review any of those and I think that's what hurt me.

My score:

Reading Comprehension-92




Overall: 93.5%

I hope this helps someone! Other posters on this website are what helped me. I am forever grateful for this nursing forum.

Good Luck!

Did you get in or are you trying for Spring semester

Hi soutthpaw. I am applying for the spring semester. I'm very nervous because my GPA is not that great. I hope it's enough to at least get an interview.

Hi soutthpaw. I am applying for the spring semester. I'm very nervous because my GPA is not that great. I hope it's enough to at least get an interview.

Unless they have changed it, you need a 3.75 if an in-state resident to get an interview and 3.9 if out of state resident to get the interview. If they do not have enough applicants meeting those requirements, then I would guess they may drop the GPA limits. The GPA is only based on the classes listed in their core prerequisite list. be sure to get your UNR upper division capstone required class too. I think that is a stupid requirement too. I think they recently made changes to needing to be enrolled as a pre-nursing student the semester before you start.

I am taking my capstone class this semester, but it's also a communication class. So it will count as my com requirement and my capstone requirement. I don't have a 3.75, but I am a Nevada resident and have taken 50+ credits at UNR. I hope that helps. Also, maybe they will have less applicants for the spring. Do you think experience in the medical field helps? I'm hoping to at least get an interview because I have 7 years of clinical experience as a Medical Assistant. Thank you so much for your input!