Unlawful discrimination & termination - Now Law School Bound


Like most, I became a nurse to help others. In the 10 years since becoming an RN, I've become painstakingly aware of the egregious and predatory employment policies and practices to which much of the US healthcare industry continues to subject large numbers of healthcare professionals; employment policies and practices that, despite local, state, and federal regulations explicitly prohibiting them, remain in existence as scare tactics intended to intimidate and control the workforce while healthcare employers simultaneously shirk their affirmative duties as are required by the ADA (ADAAA), FLSA, FMLA, and similar state and local regulations.

Discriminatory employment practices that are utilized in efforts to exclude members of several protected classes such as race, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, and religion are common realities for many in healthcare, but disability and age discrimination are extremely prevalent issues that many nurses are faced with at some point in their careers. Employers often willfully disregard the laws and protections afforded to many employees based on assumptions that employees will be too intimidated and afraid of losing their jobs to assert their legally-protected rights. As a result, many nurses are either fired, forced to work in unsafe conditions, resign, or even retire.

As someone that was subjected to unlawful employment discrimination which resulted in my wrongful termination, I elected to fight back and won. Despite my success, I find it increasingly abhorrent when I witness a colleague being subjected to similar discriminatory employment practices because nothing's changed.

Although there's a great deal in nursing that I've come to detest, it's not the profession with which I take issue, but rather the unethical and duplicitous tactics forced upon hardworking, experienced, and capable workers. My desire to help others never went away; instead, I've reached a precipice where I now believe that I can best help others as an advocate for healthcare professionals. My journey as a nurse has certainly come full-circle; rather than the GRE, my focus has shifted to the LSAT and law school.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue law school. I too became disillusioned with the nursing as well. Not necessarily the practice but more so the corporate tactics and mentality. I wish you the best.