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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

  1. by   Mochachild
    @ alinino

    Yup! Received mine as well! Hallelujah!

    @ tejas03

    I asked my advisor that question on yesterday. She said it'll be a minute because they are still counting! Since I'm impatient, I contacted someone from the traditional program (ya'll know how this site is about names!). I was informed that there were a total of 600 applicants for the traditional, but I couldn't get any info for the AP. Uggh! However, this person did remember my name! Maybe it's because I faxed my apps like 4 times...just to make sure that they got it! hee hee
  2. by   alinino
    @ mochahild

    i would have done the same. fax a gazillion times. I took mine in person. And then i was paranoid that i forgot something or left something blank on the application even though i had like 10 poeple check over it.
  3. by   acwilson06
    @McKinney Mom
    Hi my name is amber. i am trying to do the lvn-bsn through academic partnerships at uta and lamar college. I am trying to decide if i should wait until i can go to school and take it or if i could handle it online. the teacher i am signed up with is *******. i guess she is the only micro teacher at uta. everyone has said she is very difficult but that was from traditional students. Could you tell me more about your experience and the difficulty level of the course?
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  4. by   acwilson06
    My micro question could apply to anyone willing to answer it i just saw mckinney mom speaking about it earlier in the db. Thanks all!
  5. by   tejas03
    Yikes...I'm terribly worried now after reading this because I'm set to start Micro on the 20th. What do you think could be done differently to help the class go more smoothly? What was the class structure like?
  6. by   acwilson06
    i am set to start on the 20th too! keep in touch and we can give eachother tips and support eachother getting through it. i decided to go ahead and take it i know if i put my mind to it i can do it. i have 4.0 and uta actually took my micro from another college. but lamar..the other college with the academic partnership, did not accept it so now i have to retake it! sucks thats 450 bucks out the window but the lamar lvn-rn is pretty much garunteed acceptance so it will be worth it to just get it out of the way. just be weary.. i went to rate your proffessor website and they tore her up! i guess she is very tricky and tries to catch you up on the little things. but with this being an online format i dnot know if she will be able to do the same things.... fingers crossed.. there is no other time to take the course online for the rest of the year...i have been searching everywhere trying to find an alternative and there is none....
  7. by   acwilson06
    ok after reading another persons thread just now i have dropped the MICRO... all of the other horror stories plus hers has just flipped me. she took it online for the apbsn and said it was horrible, extremly difficult and disorganized. she said the tests were so difficult that a person majoring in micro would have a hard time answering them, that half her class has dropped the course and she is about to take her final and the best she can hope for is a C, which she has never had.....ohh geez looks like im back to square one. i dont want to mess up my gpa because i get into a rush.. hmmm now back to the dilemma do i try for uta straight through the bsn programs or should i lvn-rn bridge through lamar and then bridge through uta? im just glad i saw that post before i wasted my money and had a poor grade on my record...
  8. by   tejas03
    ooops....sorry thought I posted this post on another thread. I am still going to go ahead and give this class my best and see what happens. Praying it's not as bad as I'm hearing!?
  9. by   Mochachild

    DO THE BRIDGE. Many, many people told me to do this, but I was hard-headed. I wish I would have done that before I invested time and money into the AP-BSN program. I would've been graduating in May, 2012! The RN-BSN at UTA is nowhere near as competitive as the traditional and online programs. However, there is still hope for me yet! I plan on applying for the LVN-ADN September 2011 start date at Lamar State College. IF...and that's a BIG "if"...I get accepted to either of the programs for Spring 2012, I'll figure it out.
  10. by   acwilson06
    Just a quick FYI I spoke with the registrar from Lamar yesterdayanf they Said the September class will b full before the aug deadline... Thank you so much for the advice! Did you take the micro online? I'm
    Having serious issues trying to decide if I should do it....
  11. by   katybusymom
    I just took Micro from UTA. It's a really TOUGH class. I got an A, but it was NOT easy. The tests are very hard, the final was incredibly hard. I have no idea if there will be a curve or not. I'm sure a lot of people dropped. Honestly, I think Micro at UTA is a weed-out class preparing us for Pharmacology. I've heard Pharm at UTA is a major deal too.
  12. by   Mochachild

    What?! Full by the August start date?! What kind of nonsense is that?! LSC need to change their deadlines, right? Well, I plan on taking Micro in the Fall at UTA. I am banking on the fact that there will be more than one professor teaching this course during that semester. As far as making a decision, realistically weigh your options. Only you know what's best for you! Then...move forward!


    Congrats with Micro! Hone into those skills you'd acquired in Micro because it will come in handy for Pharm. It is a beast.
  13. by   tejas03
    Congrats to all you guys finishing up Micro!!! I'm starting on the 20th and know that I have some work ahead of me for sure! I am taking Patho now and will take Pharm in August. I have heard many say that Pharm is a lot harder than Patho so I am preparing for that class too!