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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

  1. by   Mochachild

    You are hilarious! It's wishful thinking for me as well, but I'm curious. FYI- Are you aware that a DNP will be required by 2015 to attain prescriptive authority?
  2. by   katybusymom
    Yes, I'm aware.....that's exactly why I'm trying to push myself through school as fast as I can !!! UTA is my fastest route....if I move to Dallas.....not sure how my husband and kids would like that, lol.
  3. by   Mochachild

    I'm doing the math and there is no way that I'll be finished in the NP program by 2015. Everything has to be completed by December 2014- 2 yrs exp as an RN, certifications, etc. Enlighten me, please!
  4. by   katybusymom
    You're right. We will both be about 6 months shy of the deadline if they don't grandfather in the students that are already in the program. I haven't looked into it as much as you, so I'm really not sure. What I am sure of, is that if they change the NP program from Masters to DNP, schools are cutting their own throats in my own opinion. There will be far fewer NP's in the future. Master's programs will dry up completely except for Nurse Anethesiologists. The benefit of obtaining a BSN for a regular nurse won't be so appealing. Why spend 4 years on a degree that isn't going to get you anymore than an ADN degree? It just seems like maybe sometimes what "they" want to happen and what actually happens are different. At least that is what I am hoping happens
  5. by   Mochachild

    Ditto. However, a DNP will also be required for Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwifery and CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialists), so even a MSN in those areas are no longer an option. O-M-G. I should consider med school, right?
  6. by   katybusymom
    Giving this thread a "bump", so the newcomers can find us
  7. by   tejas03
    Hey guys!! Just checking in and seeing what everyone's up to?! This week has started off crazy busy for me....teaching VBS at our church from 9-12 and then adding Micro and Psych this week to my already Patho class schedule. Micro is stressing me out because we are still unable to access the lab portion due to some technical issues...praying that is resolved QUICKLY!!! :-/ I had no idea Psych would be so much work too....yikes! 2 discussion posts and 2 chapter tests a WEEK!! I'm just praying for the next 8 weeks to come and go!!! haha
    Anything new with you guys?!
  8. by   katybusymom
    @tejas03 What Psych class are you in? At UTA? I'm trying to get into that class right now. I'm on hold with registration.......for about 30min now...... It's regular Psych? or Dev. Psych? Not sure I want to add THAT much to my schedule. Let me know please.

  9. by   acwilson06
    Hello tejas03.. I am in the micro at uta too and wow bummer about the lab still!! I emailed my academic coach and asked if we would get an extension since we are three days in and still aren't able to access that half of the class... Im hoping they do cuz I have no idea what they are looking for in the lab potion and I want to b prepared an not rushed for the quiz.... I'll let u know what he says about the extension as soon as I hear back from him... I have taken the first lecture quiz and had the rest of the week reserved for lab but that's not happening apparently... Good luck on the class!
  10. by   tejas03
    @Katybusymom...it's Intro to Psych 1315. I took this class back in 1996 and made a C and was going to retake it to get an A. I thought it's a freshman level class and I'm 35 now so surely I can take this class with the others and get an easy A...ugh not so funny now!! hahaha I will survive but I was sadly mistaken about it being a breeze of a class!!
  11. by   tejas03
    @acwilson06...please do!! I am really bummed that we are half way into week 1 with the lab not being available to us! I have to make an A in this class...I took this one about 10 yrs ago and made a B. So retaking it would be a waste of my time if I can't get an A!! ;-/

    What did you think about the 1st quiz?! You can PM if you would like. Thanks!!
  12. by   Mochachild
    Hey, everyone!

    I'm taking statistics, government and molecular biology as of Monday...yum-mo! Just received confirmation on yesterday of my AP-BSN app. Did anyone ever find out the total number of applicants?
  13. by   acwilson06
    Hi mochachild! Do u have access to lab portion of micro yet?!? I still don't and did safety training 2 weeks ago!!