Uta online rn-bsn, finals for classes online or in person?

  1. Hello all, I am to start at uta on jan 14 and was going to register for the algebra class, and somehow I came across a syllabus for this class that stated that the final must be taken in person at the campus or proctered locally. Is this accurate?? I was not aware of this And now I am wondering if ALL the classes are like this? No one told me this. Anyone who is a current student to help? My local community college is very...lets say frustrating to be nice and I really don't want to go through the hassle of proctoring. Thanks for any info!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    well I do not about this college in particular, but I have taken classes that had proctored tests before. I usually did them at the library, sometimes it was free, sometimes it was a small fee. The one that I did at the local community college was a nightmare to schedule! I would check into that if you needed it.

    good luck.
  4. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    I went to UTA (University of Texas-Arlington) and I graduated about 6 months ago. I did the college algebra and did not have to go to campus. In fact I did not have to go to the campus ever. The first and only time I have been to Texas was a few days ago for a lay over on a flight. Unless things have changed you never have to go to their campus. Also, I never had to have a proctored exam. That could have changed in an attempt to give online school more credibility.
  5. by   kgnurse
    I am taking College Algebra right now and all the tests and homework is online via MathXl
  6. by   Deon1
    I am interested in the program, but I am curious as to how prepared you feel after completing the program online. Have you taken N-CLEX?
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  7. by   Meriwhen
    OP: All of the RN-BSN classes, as well as several pre-reqs, that I've taken online have had online testing without the need to go to a testing center. However, I also didn't need a math class so maybe it's different for that.

    Deon1: the RN-BSN program does not require you to take the NCLEX at the end, as you have to already be a licensed RN to enroll in the program. If you are not already licensed as a RN, you may want to search for threads about the prelicensure online BSN program, which I believe is a hybrid of online and in-person classes and clinicals.