UTA online pharmacology class & A&P classes

  1. I would like to talk to anyone who has taken the online pharm class at UTA...I'm enrolled and scheduled to start in Aug. and am trying to figure out what to expect and how the class is set up??! Please feel free to PM me!

    I also would like to talk to anyone who has taken the A & P online classes at UTA...which part was more difficult for you (or were they about the same)...how are the classes structured? I'm going to be taking one part with the pharm so trying to see what to expect...thanks!
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  3. by   Libra1018
    Hi Tejas! I am so sorry. I know I promised to relay some info to you. I am STILL not at 15 posts needed . I have a lot of info I can share, but would prefer to do it thru a PM. I am not sure if posting my email addy is OK, do you know?
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    @Libra1018...I just sent you a PM...
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    Quote from tejas03
    @Libra1018...I just sent you a PM...
    Got it! I wrote back. Thanks!
  6. by   tejas03
    Anybody taken Pharm online at UTA??!!! Still wanting to talk to someone who has been through it...thanks!!
  7. by   nikkibro
    lurking and waiting for A&PI final results to post tomorrow before I decide whether to take A&PII with tech writing AND into to pro nursing or tech writing OR into to pro nursing --

    suggestions anyone who is doing them on UTA AP program online?
  8. by   Denisse_1
    Hello Tejas I know it's kind of late but I took A&P1 online and it was alot of work but getting an A is possible as long as you are able to keep up with the class.