UTA online nursing partnership program

  1. Could anyone shed some light on which hospitals are available in the Houston area as a partnership. I had heard that Clear Lake was and also wanted to know if by being employed by HCA would give the same edge. But I do need to know of any other hospitals in the Houston area. Thanks moe
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  3. by   katybusymom
    I have attended UTA for the past year and to my knowledge there are NO current partner hospitals located in Houston. Clearlake was a rumor, but the Assistant Dean will not verify it and my advisor says that it will not be on board for the Spring 2012 start date.

    Start classes with UTA, but have a back-up plan unless you are already an RN.
  4. by   Moeoc
    Interesting. I spoke with UTA today and they told me that Clear Lake was a Partner hospital and that Methodist would be online next year. In other posts some say that VA and Ben Taub are partners..
  5. by   tejas03
    I do not know anything about the Houston area but did want to put my two cents in...UTA also told me that a Methodist facility here in the area was a partnering hospital for the UTA AP online BSN program and they are NOT...they are partnered with UTA for the RN-BSN Academic Partnership program (my husband works there and I spoke directly with HR) and when I told my advisor this because she kept sending me these names...she said "oh well it's the students responsibly to verify anyways" and "things change we can't keep up with that"...she said they only see a list of hospitals that partner through Academic Partnership and they don't know if that's for the BSN or just for the RN-BSN (way more hospitals participate in that because there are no clinicals required & their employees are already RNs) so my two cents ...... always verify with directly with the hospital!!! There are several posters that have been given a different list of partnering hospitals for 2012 year so do your research with the hospitals human resource offices. Best of luck!
  6. by   katybusymom
    Also, the recruiters for the AP BSN program tend to be very aggressive in signing people up. It has been MY experience that many of the hospitals mentioned to me in the beginning are only "partner" hospitals, they do NOT have actual "clinical" sites, nor do they participate in any clinical portion of the BSN program. Which leads me to ask "What exactly does Partner mean?"

    I was specifically told that Tx Children's was a partner hospital and they even paid your tuition upfront. They DO NOT have clinical sites available in Houston.

    Don't get your heart set on doing clinicals in Houston. There are people in Houston that have been waiting for two semesters already to be placed in a clinical location. They can't leave Houston due to family (kids etc.), so I'm pretty sure that those people would get any clinical spaces that come available in Houston first.
  7. by   Sherri86
    These are some interesting comments considering I was told by someone in the nursing AP department that Methodist Willowbrook, HCA Clearlake, and North Cypress Medical Center were all partner hospitals and these are in the greater Houston area. I am currently in the AP program, I had to take a couple of BIOL classes, and have submitted my 2nd application for the nursing school and I will be calling them tomorrow for clarification.
  8. by   Moeoc
    August I spoke with the nurse educator at Clearlake and she confirmed havind a cohort with UTA and she said they tend to fill with internal emPloyees.
  9. by   Sherri86

    Thanks for the post. I keep hearing different things about the program at UTA and how they are NOT telling the full story to applicants. I won't stress over it, I will just apply to different nursing programs and see which one I get into first.

    Have a great evening and thanks again,

  10. by   McKinneyMom
    I can't stand waiting any longer!!! I'm so ready for the yay or nay letter. Let's go!!!
  11. by   Sherri86
    McKinney Mom,

    I agree. Are you currently working for a partner hospital, if you don't mind my asking? I'm starting to hear that if you don't work for one of those hospitals you are not likely to get in. Any thoughts on that?
  12. by   Judyduckett
    Hey guys,
    I'm so frustrated....why is it so difficult to get a straight answer from the advisors or Uta nursing dept?? I work for Plaza and I was told Plaza is under the HCA hospital network, so i could apply as partner. What have you guys heard? And does anyone know when the letters are going out?
  13. by   Moeoc
    HCA is the parent company and when I spoke with the Nurse educator she said they take internal clear lake first. then they get HCA memebers and then non partner applicants. so you are better off than me.
  14. by   McKinneyMom
    Sherri86 - I am not partnered with a hospital. If I don't get in this go round, I will try to find a position at a hospital.

    I emailed my advisor this morning and was surprised to be written back by another advisor saying that my original advisor is no longer employed by the UTA nursing department. What?! She was there less than two weeks ago. Aye yi yi. My advisor before this last one left as well last year. The temporary advisor who emailed me today did say letters will go out the first week in November.