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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. I will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012... Read More

  1. by   pilotwife
    I just looked at MyMav... I don't see anything listed under the Application tab. But I did receive a confirmation email when I submitted the app online. Joshsmother - I took Tech Writing back in Fall '11. There was A LOT of work for that class. But it wasn't difficult. Just tedious. Good luck!
  2. by   Trenata
    Quote from joshsmother
    I work at Presby Denton and I think we just started allowing clinicals.
    Really, do you mean they are allowing clinicals for UTA nursing students? That would be so awesome! You work there, so they are a partnered hospital???
  3. by   futureexpectations
    I talked to my advisor about the transcript issue and she verified mine was received in 12/17, as of today it is still not showing. She said if you were missing anything when they start looking at the applicants; you should receive an email. Also, THR is a partner hospital; so you are partnered if you work for any of their hospitals. THR Denton is on the list as one of the clinical sites for the fall.
  4. by   Trenata
    I emailed my adviser about Presby Denton and she said they accept applicants in the spring. I emailed her back to find out which ones might accept in the fall, as I plan to apply for the fall of 2014. I am so excited that there are some in Denton. That will make my commute much less than driving to Dallas!
  5. by   kn92
    3.6 overall GPA
    3.75 science GPA
    no considerations
    I hope I stand a chance
  6. by   pilotwife
    Ya know, the sad thing is - you have a good GPA. Most of us do. And here were are stressed out that we may not get in. Smh.
  7. by   joshsmother
    Quote from futureexpectations
    I am taking the same Intro to Professional Nursing course so maybe we can help each other if we need anything.
    Yippee!! Glad to know it! First name starts with A and ends with A. Last name starts with P. You'd should be able to find me on the student list once is starts. I am so excited
  8. by   joshsmother
    Quote from pilotwife
    I am also taking Intro to Nursing beginning on the 14th. :-) LCordelia, not sure... I would imagine that you would receive another confirmation. I would ask your academic advisor to be on the safe side. If your transcripts were received by the deadline, but haven't posted maybe they are still in the process of looking them over. I don't know... again, I would check with your advisor.
    Does Future Expectations or Pilot Wife know what books we need??
  9. by   futureexpectations
    My first name starts with K ends with I and last name starts with G. The books are role development in professional nursing practice 2nd edition by Kathleen masters and no limits: foundations and strategies for college success which was put out by UTA.
  10. by   pilotwife
    I bought 'Development in Professional Nursing Practice' on Amazon bc it was much cheaper. But the other had to be ordered at the UTA bookstore. :P One of my friends just took this class and said it was pretty easy.
  11. by   Violach
    Submitted my app for Fall 2013 start date:

    3.7 overall
    4.0 science
    3 considerations
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  12. by   dlashon
    O sorry just now responding but it was the hospital requirements not UTA. It doesn't matter..whatever happens happens.
  13. by   dlashon
    I am taking Patho starting Jan 28th, anyone else? I took Intro to Pro Nursing and it wasn't anything like I expected it to be. It wasn't hard just a lot of stuff. This will be my second time taking Patho, I took it at Brookhaven and got a B, it was hard because I hadn't taken APII yet. By the time the class was finished half the class had dropped. I really like online classes, have gotten "A"s in all of the one's I have taken online so I hope. I took Technical Writ,APII and Micro online with UTA and it was cool.