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  1. hello!
    did anyone do their RN-BSN online at UT Arlington and is having trouble finding a job because of the lack of clinicals? someone told me that that can be a problem so im a little confused. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  3. by   ldawn79
    I don't see how this can ever be an issue because you were a nurse before you started the program. The board of nursing has a requirement for clinical hours which you met before you took the NCLEX after completing your associates degree. I have never had a job ask me where I did clinicals. I cannot understand why anyone would tell you that.
  4. by   ldawn79
    They may actually be referring to programs like Excelsier. Some states do not recognize that program, but I think its because in that program you can get your initial RN degree with only doing a weekend of clinicals.
  5. by   nida007
    oh thanks so much for clarifying that!
    I actually called st peters online program and some from there told me that. i guess they were just trying to sell me the program. thanks again!
  6. by   RollTide_Nurse
    I agree, you have already done your clinical's with the ASN. Maybe they were referring to the generic RN-BSN grads.
  7. by   nida007
    I hope they are! UT Arlington seems pretty legit.
  8. by   mushyrn
    The RN to BSN program assumes you have already completed your RN clinical rotation needs and requires that you are currently working. There are some community/work based projects that you have to do.

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