1. I'm getting exasperated with UTA. I got an email stating I was "TSI deficient" in Reading/Writing and/or Math. No explanation of what I needed to do to fix the problems, and of course you can't get anyone to talk to. I feel like I'm being jerked around.

    Has anyone else run into this roadblock with UTA? What did you need to do? I'm considering just moving on to another program.

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  3. by   iLOVEbees
    TSI Deficient Instructions

    What if I do not earn a passing score
    on one or more sections of the approved exams?

    Students who have tested, but have not attained the established minimum scores on one or more sections of the test are required by Texas Law to obtain TSI advising and to enroll in a formal program of skills development each semester until they have passed all sections of the test. Assigned skills development must be completed as a condition of enrollment.
  4. by   OCNRN63
    ​I know that; it was in my message from admissions. I was asking for feedback from people who have dealt with this.