Starting at UT-Arlington FNP August 14 th, 2017

  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any recent advice on the FNP program at UT-Arlington. Are there any nurses beginning on this date?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   novadar
    Hello lmasocial. Have you already been accepted for August 14, 2017? If so when did you apply and when were you notified.

    I'm here trying to find out some details about UT-Arlington's Application to Acceptance Letter timeframes. My wife applied for the Online Post MSN FNP Program in early March. The Graduate Admission office sent her an email saying the packet was sent to the Program Director shortly thereafter. She's dying to know and we don't have any good sense of when she'll find out. Any advice you can give would be great! Thanks!
  4. by   Imasocial
    I applied in march but they had me to start in April. I had to change it. So I think from reading others it's just right before u start.
  5. by   novadar
    Thank you lmasocial. I saw 4-6 weeks out in another thread. The wait is going to drive my wife crazy. oh boy!
  6. by   traumanurse99
    I am not attending there but I was curious how much you now about their research class? Can anyone who's recently finished this course share their experience? In a lot of posts from 3+ years ago it sounded like an extremely challenging course-of the entire program and full of group work...? I don't mind the class myself, I have just had some lazy people in my classes prior who didn't pull their weight and I ended up doing a lot of it because others slacked off. Any input would be appreciated =)
  7. by   persistent RN
    I'm am set to start 8/14/17 too. Have you signed up for your first two classes?
  8. by   Imasocial
    No, not yet. I need to call them about my log in.
  9. by   Choot'emER
    I have applied for the fall program... now playing the "hurry up and wait" game. Where is everyone from?
  10. by   Imasocial
    Carthage Texas!! Have you received your acceptance letter yet?
  11. by   Choot'emER
    Paula is that you?
  12. by   Imasocial
  13. by   Choot'emER
    Nice to meet you Kimberly!! My name is Amanda and I live in Mount Enterprise. There is another person from Carthage starting in the fall. ETMC Carthage was my home hospital. I have not received my acceptance letter yet.
  14. by   Imasocial
    Cool, let's talk? I have another friend that is from Tyler who is starting at same time!! Sounds like we have a team already, lol. I live off the square, close to ETMC.