Really, UTA?

  1. So, despite hounding them, I haven't heard if I've been admitted to the February program. This is beyond frustrating. I've called, emailed, etc and nothing! I received an email saying my app was complete and to check my MyMav mail (which I have been doing) and under my transcript it lists me as an active student but I haven't heard anything about admission, class sign-up, etc. I heard they were admitting until the 18th which I am sure means I will have to make my payment shorty thereafter.

    Did anyone else have this issue with them? And, if you don't mind me asking, what can I expect the first payment to be so I am prepared if admitted?

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  3. by   vizzle
    NO, They call me all the time. If you have everything in and paid the application fee it should be smooth.

    Call enrollment specialist
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  4. by   AggieNurse99
    Um, I had to get a recruiter at a corporate event to smooth the process...then it went fast, like enrolling in classes 2 days later.