University of southern indiana vs Herzing


I got accepted to both University of Southern Indiana and Herzing university for the PMHNP- MSN program. I am trying to decide which one to go with. Anyone have any input on any of these 2 schools?



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I'm also thinking of going to either of these 2 schools. Would love to find out what other people have to say. 

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Herzing, for example, became a nonprofit in January after it was bought out by a tax-exempt organization that the for-profit college's co-founder, Henry Herzing, had formed a few years earlier. That nonprofit—the Herzing Educational Foundation Ltd.—continues to lease property from Herzing family members, according to Shireman. The foundation has defended the integrity of the conversion; its attorneys told Shireman that any transactions have been approved by an independent board and that the institution has complied with conflict-of-interest rules. But a day after the nonprofit purchase went into effect, a state official quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contended that Herzing had made the switch both to avoid federal regulations and tap into state grant funding. Congress has since questioned the move, with the IRS indicating that Herzing University's nonprofit application is "undergoing substantive review.” (A spokesman for Herzing's accreditation agency, the Commission for Higher Learning, declined to comment on Shireman's report.)