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Does anyone currently pursuing a degree in UOP? Im thinking of taking RN-MSN bridge program soon. This is when you have your bachelors in another field. I looked at their curriculum and the subjects for MSN are very general. If i decide to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, do you think this will help me? I havent seen any assessment for adult, child, etc. in the curriculum but lots of management building skills. Also, how rigid is the program

Any input please? Thank you.


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the program has no clinicals, only theories and no tests. You are graded by your participation in group discussion, assignments, etc..... is that helpful?


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It's also a private organization and they charge up the wazoo. Look into your local universities to see their distance learning programs. That's my plan.....


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Yes, they charge $335 per credit hour. That is pricey but online learning fits into my lifestyle very well. I get a bit of tuition assistance from my hospital,we will see how much they think I need after they view my transcripts. I am enrolled in the RN to BSN program.

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