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University of Oklahoma Family Nurse Practitioner

Specializes in ER, ICU, Nurse Manager.


Does anyone know anything about the University of Oklahoma Family Nurse Practitioner program?

Is it hard to get accepted?

Is there anything extra that improves your chances of getting in? (Working at OU, CCRN cert.....)

Is it flexible?

I have been all over their website and just wanted to get some information from others who may have been accepted and gone or know somebody who has. I'm new to OK and I'm looking for a NP program.

Any info will be appreciated


marilynmom, LPN, NP

Specializes in Adolescent Psych, PICU.

I have worked with quite a few RNs who have been through OUs FNP program. The general consensus was it was very disorganized. I wouldn't let that stop u from applying though.

Yes its very competitive. They look at gpa and your experience because they have sooooo many applicants since its the only NP program around here.

I live in Oklahoma as well : ) I worked at OU Med center for 2 years....OU medical center has no real affiliation with the university, its an HCA hospital and is a teaching hospital. OU NP I know accepted plenty of my classmates who graduated from both OU and UCO.

Good luck : )


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