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University of Oklahoma ABSN- Glendale


Hi All,

I'm seeking advice on the U of Oklahoma Glendale ABSN program. I've been working in the biotech industry for 8 years but now that I'm 28 and feel I've accumulated my fair share of debt,:D I'm determined to enter the nursing field. After reading so many of the posts on this forum, I'm growing concerned that I may face some challenges getting into this program. My undergraduate GPA is 3.1 (a BS in Microbiology). I've got a 3.4 in my nursing pre-req classes and my masters GPA is 4.0 (MS Regulatory Affairs). What's concerning me is that despite doing well in my masters level courses, my undergrad GPA is not stellar. It seems like the U of O program doesn't really take too much but the GPA into consideration (i.e. no letters of recommendation, no interview). Is anyone else in the same situation? Insights?


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I am looking to apply for Summer 2009 and I am meeting with someone on Thursday to go over transcripts,etc.


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There was a brief OU Glendale thread that I thought you might find helpful.

Here is the link: https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/ou-nursing-san-355819.html

I'm an OU Norman alum 2x over and have looked into the nursing program on the OUHSC and Tulsa-Schusterman campuses. They use a point system to assess admissions for the in state candidates. Feel free to PM if you want to ask specific questions. I'll do my best to answer.

- Julie

That's great- hope you'll share how it goes on Thursday.

jdcurly- thanks for sharing. I'm unable to PM you (my account won't let me) but I do have some questions regarding this point system. Does it take into account work history, degree, volunteering, etc? If you know and could share, that would be so helpful!

finnalillawisk1 .....are u kidding me? you're gpa is way higher than mine and i was accepted to the san diego program. my undergrad cumulative gpa was 3.17 ( bs in engineering). what they mostly look at is your overall science gpa and the last 60 hours of credit you took. my science gpa wa pretty high but not a 4.0 by any means. all i know that out of the last 60 hours i made mostly as, 6 bs and one c.

not too stellar....but i think u have a great chance :)

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