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I was wondering if anyone out there had any advice on getting into the U of M SON. I currently have just over a 3.5 in nursing pre-reqs but my undergrad GPA(3.0) was low. I was just wondering what it takes to get in. I have hospital experience as a volunteer patient escort and plan on becoming a certified nurses aid. I am worried since I am finding many nursing programs focus heavily on GPA. I appreciate everyone's input and advice.

Also, for those that applied, how long did it take before they reached their decision?? I plan on applying in August. I have heard they offer spots to students before the Feb. 1 deadline.


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Great! another UM forum! :) I attend Washtenaw and I took pathophysiology (not online) and I'm currently in Pharmacology. It's very hard to get into pharm here, though. You have to have taken all the prereqs for the course, one of which, is a specific math class that I think needs to be taken at WCC. And I had to bring in something showing I have a degree, my application to prove that I applied to U of M (because this pharm won't transfer anywhere else)...

I was in the online class through Jackson last semester and withdrew from it; it was too unstructured for my tastes. I know another person that took it the semester before me and he did fine so I think that's going to come down to personal tastes. I didn't like it because I never really knew what I was supposed to be studying for exams. And there were only three exams. There was a midterm and a math test taken along with the midterm (need a 90% on the math test to continue in the class) and then the final. That was it for exams. No study guides, no lists of drugs... I just felt lost. I'm loving the class at WCC, though!

FYI I applied in December and am waiting to hear back from U of M. *fingers crossed*

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How's everyone's app doing? Did everyone get responses?

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