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University of Miami


I am an aspiring UM student. I just applied to the program for this Fall (2009). I was wondering if anyone has gotten in yet? and what were your stats (like GPA, when you applied..)..and whomever is in the program,how is it????

Thanks for your help! :redbeathe

Hey there! I applied to UM's ABSN that starts in May 09 and got in. I'm not sure if the requirements are different or if they take more students for the regular BSN option but I had an overall 3.7 and 3.55 for prereqs, if you have any questions let me know. Best of luck!! :-)

Congrats! How exciting :up: I have a 3.3 and around 3.5 in my pre-reqs. I applied to several other schools, but I retook an Anatomy course, and UM was the only school that accepted retakes in one course, many other schools i inquired in will not even consider me because of that :bluecry1: So I am really hoping to get in! I also applied right before the deadline which probably did not do me any good!! When you received your acceptance letter in the mail was it in a small envelope or a big thick one? I just want to know what to look for!! Good luck! all the best and thanks for your help! :redpinkhe

I got my letter of acceptance in a small envelope. It did not contain much information, that was to be sent in a separate envelope...which I'm still waiting for!! Good luck if you have any other questions let me know! GO CANES!!

hello jmi0886,

I applied for Fall 2009 accelerated BSN & after several calls to Ms. Cabrera I received my acceptance package 2 weeks ago. I have a 3.7 all around & a 3.9 in my pre-reqs...Good luck!!

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