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A simple question, i know, although i would like to be able to give an answer which is original and will gain me credit - What makes a good nurse? i would appriciate ANY help anyone can give.

Many Thanks.


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this is along lines of the reply i used:

i want to assist people in gaining knowledge about the illnesses that affect them. i want to teach them to use the maximum amount of resources available to them in order to understand and prevent illness, restore function, promote health and to experience a dignified and peaceful death. nursing has always been my passion because it is such a diverse and rewarding discipline that combines a holistic compassionate approach while utilizing sophisticated health technology.

the mother of a friend of mine (who is a faculty member at a nursing school), told me that school's are interested in students who want to progress further, example, get their master's eventually. they want to know you are serious about nursing as a career and will do everything you can to make it through the program. they want to know you are determined.

the person i interviewed with also was impressed that i knew about the nclex and asked about the pass rate for the school. i would also research the school, like what their philosophy is, what is currently going on in the school, etc.. it also helps to ask the interviewer what their role at the school is. have good questions to ask and don't be nervous.

also, the fact that nursing practice is evidence based is a big point my professors drove home the first semester. i don't know if you can incorporate that somehow into your interview.

good luck!!:)

this is a list of qualities the nursing school i attend looks for:

  • analytical person
  • people person
  • someone who will finish the program
  • seriousness of purpose (to pursue a college education)
  • intellectual ability (to handle college work)
  • intellectual curiosity (about ideas, academic subjects, people, trends)
  • creativity (way mind works to solve problems)
  • maturity
  • concern for others
  • initiative
  • enthusiasm
  • confidence (in your ability to handle difficult situations)
  • being organized
  • sense of humor
  • diligence/persistence
  • leadership

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