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University of Detroit Mercy Accelerated BSN


Specializes in Geriatrics, dementia, hospice. Has 6 years experience.

Hello all!

My apologies for replicating a topic, but I have some specific questions about UDM's ABSN, please, such as:

  • Does the ethics prereq have to be bioethics or medical ethics, or can it be a generic ethics class?
  • Can pathophysiology and pharmacology, both of which are required during the first term, be transferred in from another school? If so, can the school be a community college or does it have to be a university?
  • How competitive is the admissions process? Are they turning away qualified students? Or does everyone who's qualified eventually get admitted?
  • What are some strategies for paying for the very expensive tuition? Does the school offer promissory notes? Is the school aggressive in finding students funds to meet the tuition obligation?
  • Are admissions rolling or is there a cutoff date? If the former, and if I were to finish my prereqs in December 2009, would I have any shot at starting in January or May 2010?
  • Where are clinicals held?
  • Is there anything else that a prospective student should know?

Thanks very much in advance!



did you end up going to UD? Thanks, just thinking of applying.

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