University of Alabama (UA, UofA) FNP program

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I did not prepare at all for mine I just took it as I was conversing with a coworker. Take full advantage of the practice time before you actually answer. Think over things you have done in your practice that stand out to you like special situations you have overcome or even failed that has now improved you. I don't remember the questions (I was day one out of the hospital so there's no memory there LOL) but I remember not having too much trouble answering because at my job we have to talk about things we've accomplished, overcome, changed, learned, etc. on a yearly basis.



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Kmobley- just do a bunch of the practice interview questions so you are just comfortable. Be yourself! The questions are just to see your personality and to hear how you shine as a nurse. Don’t over think it.



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Hey all!

I applied to the PMHNP program at UA and still waiting for a decision. I was late to apply, but had my interview on March 16. My status continues to say Department Review in Progress. I was also told a few weeks back they are backed up due to Spring break. Has anybody received a decision letter recently? If so, was it by email, mail, or did you find out on their website? Anybody familiar with this program? Thanks for the info you've provided already! 



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Hi Everyone! I just applied to UA for the post-masters FNP program and got an interview. I wanted to check in to see how you guys liked the program so far. Any feedback pros/cons?

Nervous about the interview.. any tips? What kind of questions should I expect.

Thanks 🙂


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Hi, I applied to the program but has anyone found information on their program and how the classes are? 
I’m awaiting acceptance… fingers crossed