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Unitek College 2017

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So is anyone on here applied to the new ADN program in Unitek College in Fremont? I know that they have the LVN-RN Bridge program, but I received a emailed from one of the administrators (when I inquired about the LVN program in Saramento, CA) about the new ADN program with prereq's incorporated with the core program. When I spoke to an administrator she stated that all I needed was basically a high school diploma to apply; which I had some college credit already. I also needed to do the TEAS Test VI. I turned in my profile and just waiting for news whether I get accepted or not. She stated that it is new and so no wait-list yet,but the next program in is not until 2019. It's a 26 month long program and honestly hoping to get accepted. It is quite a lot of $$$, but I believe in the saying "Time is Money" so why not... Any thoughts? Any one else know or applied?

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I didnt realize that it was a new RN program, but did you by any chance ask why the next start is in 2019?

No I think its with any new program starting they want to see if it's successful.