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Unitek College: My experience

Hey! So I wanted to submit this topic to share my experience doing the Unitek College LVN program in California. I really wish I had someone to chat with while I was considering the program.

I'ts been 3 years since I did the LVN program and here's what I tell everyone who asks me about the program: You get out what you put in. I didnt get into an RN program at my state school so I transferred to Unitek to do the LVN route. I had a good experience with Unitek and I passed the NCLEX on my first try and am now working as an LVN in outpatient at a major bay area hospital.

The program was tough: every day M-F 8:30-4. I studied A LOT. It would be a bad idea to try and work during this program. The director, Ms. Manlosa-Sanchez is absolutely awesome and cares SO much about her students. As with most schools, there were good instructors and not so good instructors.

Our clinical sites were mostly sub-acutes and the program pace is super fast-but that's what you get with an 11 month program. I give it a 4 star because I am really happy about where I currently work, passing the NCLEX on the first try, and if I had to go back in time, I would choose the Unitek route again.

They could be better about their organization and some of the instructors are lame. Also clinical sites are so-so. It's a fast paced program and quite honestly, some people just can't do it. I think it was worth the money (especially with where I work now. My employer doesn't care if I went to a Vocational school, they are about whether or not I can do my job). SOme of my classmates where a little immature for the program and couldn't cut it. Overall the instructors really do want you to pass and they will help you if you need it. In retrospect one thing I really appreciate about the program is the IV/Blood draw cert. That was crucial for my current employment.

You get out, what you put in.

Thank you for providing your first hand experience.


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