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UnitedHealth Group (Optum) emailed this past Saturday in Dallas that they're reviewing my application for Nurseline Staffing. I read some old posts but want new infomation on this company. I have 20+ years exp in ortho, trauma, med-surg, derm and ob/surg clinic, and school nursing. But I want to know the salary and amount of hours I will work a day for how many days. The Ob/Surg clinic where I work 8:30 to 5:30 and occ. 6p.m. M-F is stressful at times- high risk ob, blood draws, assisting with paps, breast exams, colposcopies, assisting with minor surg, paperwork, phones, injections, retrieving charts, filing reports, stocking the place, etc. I get home drained. Too tired to cook or help with children things. Is Optum 24/7 meaning I will work nights or evening and weekends? Need advice. Don't want the frying pan. :chuckle


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Optum Recruiter called me and said they were only hiring for evening and nights, 3-11 and 11-7 and that I would have to work every other weekend and Holidays. He said they want to interview me August 23, 2005 and that the training wouldn't start until October 15, 2005. I wanted to leave my job before then. Also I would have to go to 2-3 months of training at the office from 8-4:30 p.m. and then on the shift I am to work. Staying at home sounds good but sitting in the den with headphones on while every one is sleep for 5 nights straight is something to think about. I wish they would let you work PT. My first choice is school nursing. This is my second choice. I am burnt out with the hosp/clinic environment. I want to be available for my school-aged children. :)


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Hi glolilly....I recently started a position with Optum, but not with the Nurseline. I am doing disease management. Have you thought about something like that, instead of Nurseline, or are they not hiring for any other positions? They have several types of positions in the Optum program....risk manager nurses, disease management and heart failure programs, inpatient care advocates, and complex case managers. I will not have to work any night shifts. I am working full time and they have been very flexible as far as what hours we have been scheduled. Some nurses are working 8, some 10, and some, like myself, are working 9 hour shifts. I will be doing four 9-hour shifts and Fridays I will work til noon and be done. We have to work 2 shifts per pay period til 7p.m. I don't really know what the Dallas site offers as far as positions go, because as I understand it, some sites offer different types of positions, but it wouldn't hurt to look into something different if you are concerned about working nights with the Nurseline staffing. I know I wouldn't be able to do it. My position is not a work from home position, though, so if that's what you're looking for, it wouldn't be an option. I worked for 2 months for Intellicare in disease management. It was from home and I liked it, but they had contract problems which forced them to let go of quite a few of the nurses they just hired. They also have a triage line and they are 95% remote. So that would be an option. I know they have a site in Texas. Not sure if it's Dallas, though. Just some options I thought I'd throw at you to see what you thought. Good luck in your decision....I know it's a big one!

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