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Has anyone done this program? I'm looking into it and it seems great but there are hardly any updates reviews. Thanks!

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Barriss Offee

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Well it's one of the board of registered nursing approved FNP programs. USU is even cheaper than some of the public schools I've been looking at. Unfortunately there's little info out there about the school and I really want to know more


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I am looking into it myself. It seems to be the most affordable option, since I am paying out of pocket. I just hope that I can find the necessary practicum sited where I am located. I think I will have to be very creative with my sites and preceptors.


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My enrollment counselor has been awesome. I may even have 3 classes that transfer from my previous MSN.


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I will be joining the January or march cohort. It is accredited and very affordable especially with the payment plan they off (375/mo for 72 months no interest). The application process was very easy and the staff is very nice. They have a coordinator to help with clinical placement which is a relief. The courses are one class every 8 weeks then I believe two classes the second year. They meet a total of four times during the programs. With it being accredited, affordable, and allows me to work full time I'm am up for the challenge.


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Hi guy's! I'm currently entering my second yr in the fnp program. Like many of you, I was searching for info and couldn't find anything. I saw that it was accredited and went from there. So far it has been great! Teacher's are available when needed and organized. I will start clinicals in March, so I'll provide updates later.


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Can anyone attest to this program? Did you start in the fall and how is it going? Curious to find out as I am looking for an affordable but good online FNP school. Thank you!!


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Hey CalebD05 how is it going? How are you enjoying the FNP program at United States University. How did the tuition plan work for you? I am considering starting this fall at this school for the same program so I wanted to learn more from someone actual attending recently. Keep us posted on how your making out. Hope it's going well for you.


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I am four classes in and the program is pretty good. Workload is comparable to my online BSN.

I attended USU because it is California approved and one of the most affordable FNP programs around. Payments are only $375 a month. I start clinical's in a few months and will update if anyone is interested.

Any specific question feel free to reach out.


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Hey guys!! I started in October 2017 I'm in my 3rd class and I highly recommend it! Work load is not bad especially the first 2 classes 3rd is a tad more heavy but you are in a graduate program so it's not unexpected. For the price length and demand it really is a dream come true! They also have a cool option to only pay like $325 a month while in school so you don't have to take out a loan. I'm from bakersfield ca and will have on site intensives starting next year which I believe are only 2-3x for a weekend. If you know you want to start don't wait any longer !


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United States University

Master's degree in Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner

Program Length: 24 months


Students graduating on time

33% of Title IV students complete the program within 24 months

Program Costs*

$44,925 for tuition and fees

$3,600 for books and supplies

$30,248 for off-campus room and board

Other Costs

Visit website for more program cost information

*The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion.

Note that this information is subject to change.

Students Borrowing Money

84% of students who attend this program borrow money to pay for it

The typical graduate leaves with

$43,566 in debt

The typical monthly loan payment

$501 per month in student loans with 6.8% interest rate.

The typical graduate earns

not provided per year after leaving this program

Graduates who got jobs

0% of program graduates got jobs according to the state job placement rate


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Hi Everyone, I am currently finishing up my fourth class in the FNP program. Like many of you, I didn't find much information but decided to take a chance because of the accreditation and the convenience. The class are very doable! 8 weeks for one class, then the second year it become two classes. The teachers are great and helpful and the workload is manageable. I wanted an affordable school (I owed 95k in my BSN program) and I didn't want to go down that route again. So far I am very happy with my decision. I am not too worried about pass rates especially because I am good at studying for boards on my own terms and know many people passed it with no problems.

I haven't started any clinicals so I can't give much information about that but they prepare you (right now i finished my complio- which makes sure we have all our vaccinations, insurance, etc.). Once I start clinicals I will give an update. My overall experience has been great- i get prompt responses from faculty and also in the USU office regarding classes, and financial questions (VERY different from the Cal State experiences!). There are pros and cons to USU such as being a new organization but I feel very happy with my choices. In the end, prestigious school or not, we end up with the same degree...FNP. :) hope this helped a little.


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Truthfully the pay for a RN or FNP (albeit making 125K a year) is not that great living in most parts of California and is definitely not enough to support a family on one salary. I doubt many individuals got into nursing because they thought there would be riches galore.

I believe this thread was created and expanded upon to have a deeper understanding of the USU program not to dissuade individuals from becoming FNP's. Honestly, some people might not be interested in the role of an FNP, they just want to have the MSN to promote within their respective organizations.

With regards to saturation, NP's are also listed number 6 on the fastest growing occupations occupational outlook on the BLS website. People will throw a lot of shade on your academic pursuits either because they are jealous, scared of a challenge, or quite frankly uninterested in the experience or attaining the education.

Truthfully, becoming an FNP might not be for everyone, but honestly it helped me get to the place I am right now and am thankful for the experience.

You will learn a ton during the clinical rotations, way more than any book from any University is going to teach you. Would it be cooler to have a MSN from UCLA or USC? Absolutely! But for individuals with families and individuals who do not want to spend 50K on an MSN, USU is a great option.



4 hours ago, irvine123 said:

@CANURSE999 thats a bad example, and those doctors who do those things are fined and suspended. If you just want to be a NP and hope you dont kill anyone, than the job isnt for you.

4 hours ago, bryanleo9 said:

In some parts of California FNP are making less than RN. I have posted this and ads repeatedly on this site. Most RN make over 125k a year and the few ads for FNP are 99 - 120k. Sacramento has one of the worst np markets.

4 hours ago, irvine123 said:

The NP sector is saturated in many parts of the US. And the pay is only a small amount more than an actual nurse who works in a critical unit, with any program, you have to find the preceptors. Understand why you want to do an NP, its much more responsibility, and if you are looking for easy schools, don't do it, because you will be the provider prescribing and diagnosing and could be making mistakes.

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