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I often wonder what would happen if all nurses united together and created the strongest bond. Nurses are the backbone in health care. How can we get this across to our fellow sisters and brothers. It seems like nurses complain but dont back it up in fear that no one is listening or no one cares. We have to let the community know what we do. How can I get nurses empowered. Could you imagine the power we all would generate TOGETHER! We would be as bright as the sun. Imagine all the good things we could do. What do u think?

Yes, I hear you and I agree! Hopefully, you're planning to march in the Million Nurse March? Visit the site millionnursemarch.org and walk with us!!!

Hi dka. Along with PPL's suggestion, I feel that each nurse should consider doing an introspective checkup. There has been much ado about our nature as nurses and how we allow ourselves to be treated, how we treat others, our educational backgrounds, etc. Most of what has been pointed out is true. Because we as a group have not been genuinely and constructively proactive in our destiny, we are having tremendous difficulty rising to the occasion. We can't get to the mountain to get over it. Somehow, we must look beyond the trees and realize the status quo is no longer an option for us. I will readily admit, it is hard when the patient looks to nursing to provide them that "special touch" that they have come to expect from us and profits are in the way. We have got to combine and grow internally and get our patients or clients and their families to grow with us while we continue to provide balanced, quality care. We advocate for them and them for us. A major effort in this area would help offset most of the effects from the beatings we take off of profit hungry entities. In fact, beatings would significantly decline if we had the patient/family proactively on our side.


Your sentiments are great. Have you ever witnessed a large group of women agree or come together on anything?

The community already "knows" what we do. Unfortunately, Monday night football, baseball and the proper laxatives are more important to them. Also, your view about the fact that nurses being the backbone in healthcare is probably correct but I doubt that the "community" feels that way. I doubt that physicians feel that way and I also doubt that hospital administrators and CEO's of managed care outfits feel that way.

What you and others may be suggesting is that we re-educate the entire country as to what role nursing plays in healthcare. Not only is that an enormous undertaking on its own but additionally against that undertaking nursing would need to overcome the stance that doctors, hospitals and managed care all believe that THEY are the backbones in healthcare...

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