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Had anyone ever attended a unit retreat? My unit is having a retreat in March and I am on the planning committee, and I need help and ideas on what to do! The management wants it to be fun and make the employees feel good about their unit and be happy returning to work, etc.

Any ideas, comments, help would be great!



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We had a retreat for our managers last year, off campus just for a day. Our group was all women and all bar one were 40 or more so we had a session on looking after ourselves, calcium supplements and hormone replacements from a female OB/GYN. A MSW talked to us about stress and guided imagery for relaxation. Then we did a little planning for goals for the next year.We had lunch at a local French resteruant and breakfast and afternoon snacks brought in. It was very relaxed and enjoyable.


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Sounds like a fun time! How about fake awards for silly accomplishments, like "Decoder ring award" to someone who can decipher the doc's writing the best, "Vampire award" to the best blood drawer, etc... maybe silly games like pin the suppository on the patient's bum, or the board game "Operation"...


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I'm curious as to how one does this with scheduling? Obviously, the unit still needs staffed during the retreat. Do you ask who wants to go ahead of time and then schedule those who don't want to go? Just curious. I've never heard of a unit retreat before. Nice idea!


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That sounds like a blast! WHat a great team-building idea. I'm with Zee, though, wondering, who has to staff the unit? Perhaps there could be 2 retreats, based on scheduling you could go to one or the other?


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We have a unit retreat each year, there are two different dates that you can choose from if you want to go. Usually we go hiking in the mountains and then to a nice restaurant for dinner. Or a bike-riding tour is done on some of the other units I've been on. It's a fun day and enjoyed by all (except for those unathletic people that are sore all over the next day from all that unacustomed excercising!:lol2: )

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