Unit Closed, feeling lost.


The unit I worked on has recently closed permanently

I worked there for a short time but enjoyed working there. I have been transferred to a new job within another unit which I start soon.

Im feeling really lost though and I am really struggling, to cope with the thoughts that I won't be working in that unit, won't be working with the resident's or the staff. I enjoyed my job there and we were a very close unit and staff were very supportive of each other. I feel like I've lost my whole Identity. I don't know how to cope. I didn't think I would feel like this as ive had a while to come to terms with the closure of the unit. Ive been sitting thinking about residents and the staff constantly. I'm afraid of what the future will hold. I feel like I've got nothing to look forward to now, I looked forward to my shifts, as I had fun at work. Ive tried to speak to my friends and family and they said to focus on my new job and forget about my old one. How can I forget about a place that is so important to me, about the residents and the staff. I know I will see my work colleagues regularly but its not the same. I don't know what to do, my head is so blurry and my heart hurts. I am exicted for my new job and new adventures but I just keep replaying fun times I've had at work.


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I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. I don't recall where I read it, I believe some self help depression book, but a change in job was on a list of things that are rated most stressful in life that can lead to depression. The list included even positive things as any changes can be quite stressful. Let alone the loss of a job you really liked. And that's what it is. A loss. I went through a period of mourning with my last job change that lasted a bit. Even though it was for my own good. But as I said, it was still a loss. It may simply take time to start feeling better. Good luck in your new unit!