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30 unit advice...please!

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Hello there, I know this has been asked a million times, but here I go! I am currently a LVN and I work for a California prison. I will be staying within the prison system for my career unless something changes in the future. I know you cannot add to the 30 unit as far as moving towards a bsn. So my question is, in my situation is the 30 unit option a good idea. Also would I be able to go back to school to peruse a separate degree in health administration, I know I would be starting from scratch.....but would the 30 unit affect that. In case your wondering why just not go the regular route, well CDCR pays RN's extremely......and basically I can take care of my family comfortably while I go back to school for a real degree. THANKS

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I don't know about the 30 unit option. That sounds cryptic to me.

But the part about wanting to help your family sounds righteous and necessary.

The only problem is being an LVN with responsibilites shall we say, you are being targeted, unbeknownst to you, by a malevolent force operating under the guise of trying to help you out.

I would bet you dollars to donuts that you have been communicating with a for-profit academic (marketing) adviser.

My point is when are they going to stop exploiting people for a paycheck?

Here's the reality.

A degree in health administration on the batchelor's level is what they now call a "secretary."

It is totally worthless.

You'd be better off staying where you are and avoiding the heartache.

Let me guess, the school wants to charge you a mere 80k in Federally backed Title IV loans?

So as a secretary you'll be earning less money than as a LVN with debt you will NEVER be able to pay off

When will these modern day highway robbers quit?

As the song goes" some rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen."

Try this, and there's no quick way to become an RN. Go to the local CC. Take one course at a time and study well. Don't get stressed because you are working full time. Build academic confidence and take it from there.

Don't let anyone loan you up. Their gain is your loss. This debt doesn't go away. But believe me the culprits don't care.

Go to (collegescorecard.ed.gov) to look up schools. There you will see that the #1 and #2 for-profits in the U.S. are an academic joke when looked at in light of their graduation and retention rates and tuition. (University of Phoenix, South U.)

Look the only other farce degree you could consider and that these folks promote is criminal justice.

This is another laugh because if you research how many times these schools have been sanctioned and sued you will soon see that they are heavy on criminal and light on justice.

Good luck and tread cautiously.

You'll get to where you want to be with patience and dilgence.

There's no other way.

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