Unions what are they, are they good bad or both?

U.S.A. Washington


Unions. I had heard of them and I know limited knowledge. I really want to hear from you all how they impact our working env. here in WA, before I go to the website to read about them. I dont understand the jargon, because it is so broad. What have they done for us here? I had the union rep come in and say "sign the card" because if we didnt we would lose our position at work.

I heard it helped to stop mandatory overtime and this was about it.

It seemed to cut my pay too. They pay by years worked, not by the experience you have. I have been a nurse for 3 years and have more experience by way of committees, teaching new classes for the new grads, inservices, and being charge nurse, a new nurse preceptor. None of this was taken into account! I understand Joint Commission inside and out, as I did chart audits/reviews. Still getting paid as a 3 year nurse. I guess it is fair to some extent, as when I found out at my place of employment without a union the new grads were making almost the same amount as me; so it probably helps.

I also heard it helps one get new equipment for the hospital. Cant we get new equipment without paying dues every month?

What do you all think?

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