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What brands do you like? I need something COMFORTABLE, and LONG-LASTING. I hate having my scrubs fall apart after only a few washings.

Dickies is looking pretty good to me.


I've never tried this brand before. Any opinions?

This one's one from White Swan:


Dickies are more expensive, anyone know if they're worth the price?


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I don't care for the look of the contrast color on the dickie scrubs. Maybe its just the color combination. Looks like something to go party in. Doesn't look professional in my opinion. Dickies has a good reputation of being good quality in their other work clothes.

However, I like the solid navy one from white swan. It looks more professional.

I haven't tried scrub tops from white swan, but have tried their pants. Mine have been washed at least 25 times and are holding up just fine. The only problem I had was they were running really big and long. Mine are so big I use them for pj bottoms.


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I like the scrubs from cottonscrubs.com -- all cotton, very light and good choice of colors. Delivery is quick and they seem pretty sturdy.

I don't like the polyester blends and our floor is always 400 degrees, so the cotton is somewhat of a help.


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I do like the Cherokee brand. I find that they hold up very well and with my body shape, the pants fit very nicely. I like the colors and they have tops and jackets that blend and match. Dickies do stand up. My husband has been wearing one pair of Dickies for about a hundred years now and they are still in one piece. LOL:roll

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Dickies has more than just those contrasting trim types now. They have all solids as well. They don't fit me right in the arms...too open or something. But I'd love to be able to wear that kind of quality.

Do they carry petites?


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I didn't know whether or not you were addressing me with the question of petites in the Cherokees. They sure do. I am only 5'2'' and they fit me very nicely. They are not cheap though. I am just stuck on that brand because of the way the pants fit me. :kiss


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I have a pair of white Dickies scrubs for my clinical rotations and I love them. I bought the sandwashed ones because they are so soft. And the best part? They are the perfect length...I'm 5'1" and I bought the petite length medium. They are comfortable and look cute (i.e. I don't look like a damn marshmallow).

But I will admit: I wish the pants had the cargo pockets on them...my scrub top gets so weighed down with crap in them, I feel like a packrat.


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I just went down to the store during my lunch break and grabbed a few styles. I decided to go ahead and give the Dickies a go.

I decided against the contrast just to be safe. This is one of the styles I got:


(RNnTraining1973 convinced me to shell out a couple extra bucks for the soft ones!)

But I must say, the more "fashionable" scrubs (Denim Scrubs and overalls! Who would've thought?) were quite tempting!

I took a co-worker along with me and she got this one - the lastest from Dickies:


I think it's absolutely adorable but I'm a little too big to pull something like that off. :rolleyes:

I also checked out Cottonscrubs, I really like this shirt:


But, I'm now flat broke. Does anyone here get uniform allowances from their workplace? I think it should be mandatory! Who wants to get treated by scruffy nurses?

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