Unforgettable Halloween memories


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This is the time for trick-or-treating. Are you planning anything this Halloween? Going to a party? Going out trick-or-treating with friends / kids?

What is the most unforgettable memory you have of Halloween? Don't be bashful - please share. :bookworm:


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well I have lots of memories since I started having kids a while ago but by far the one that sticks out the most is when we lived in GA. The first half of the day we were at the beach with warm water, at night we went trick-or-treating! I had to call all my friends in Cali and let them know! A few years later my youngest was 3 or 4, we were very sad b/c it was the first halloween after my eldest had died...we found a super cute duck costume that zipped up, the stuffed bill on the head, etc. But man, he hated that costume!!! I remember he would stop walking between houses and try to sit down or cry, then we would get to another door and he would perk up and be happy. But we had a great laugh!