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Are there any UNF CRNA grads out there? I have searched this site on different occasions and by the lack of info it implies one thing to me.

I realize that the program is rigorous and involves lots of time. I also realize that some don't spend time on boards once the either get accepted or have graduated. However there are some that do.

In all the other programs someone has been able to come back and share their experience, I have not seen one from UNF yet. The most recent was someone talking about the interview process and even that was a while ago (albeit they weren't a student, only an applicant)

Besides researching schools and the programs on your own, Sometimes your next best source or resource is an actual student. They can provide invaluable info, which you can't get from the school or the website. This sometimes aids in determining which to apply to and which to avoid. I cannot be the only one that feels this way.

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