I have been doing a lot of research on which schools to apply to that all seem to have around the same pre-req's. I just want to make sure I am clear on ADN programs with wait lists.

Is it if you make the requirements to apply and pass all other hurdles(background check ect...)you will be placed on the waitlist but WILL be admitted at some point....am I correct?



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In the ADN progam I was considering (and decided not to attend), making it through all the application requirements and getting on the waitlist did NOT gaurantee a spot eventually in the program.

My school was on a points system, so based on your score, students were ranked, and the top 50 get in every semester. So that means if someone comes along after you are put on the waitlist with a higher GPA or a higher grade in A&P or whatever and ends up with a higher total than you, they get put ahead of you in line, even if you've been waiting a semester or years. So it is possible for students at this school to be waitlisted and never get in.

Usually if students don't get in the first time they start taking extra, non-required classes to try and boost their cumulative GPA. This school also allows 1 retake of pre-reqs, so usually people retake and try to get all As. Then they can move up in line for the next admissions cycle, unless they can't improve their GPA enough or aren't able to improve their pre-req grades. If after a semester or two someone doesn't get in, they usually start looking at other schools/programs. There are just so many pre-nursing students out there with 4.0s - people on the waitlist at this community college with a 3.5 or below are just never going to get in. :(

Anyway - ask you school/schools you're considering what their policy is! Hopefully not many schools are as frustrating as the one I was considering.