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Undergraduate Research for MBEIN program

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For those in the MBEIN program with Ucconn where can you take the Undergraduate REsearch course?

Im starting my pre reqs and is at a lost on where i can take the undergraduate research course...any guidance will be appreciated..thanks

ventgurl, ASN

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They offer one at the Waterbury branch, it's called Sociology 2210 Interaction and the Conduct of Social Research. I believe they are offering a summer course, and Storrs offer them as well. What campus are you applying for?

thank you for the response...im applying for the Storrs campus. Do you know if the community college has them or if they offer an online course on it? thanks

Unfortunately the best thing for me was the University of Phoenix online course called Research Methods. It was 5 weeks, a good amount of work, but I got it done w/ some late nights as I was juggling my full time job on top of it.

Problem is these online courses are pricey compared to community college and your fellow classmates aren't always too fun to work with, especially when you have to collaborate on a research paper with individuals in all different time zones who may also not be the most responsive. Good luck!


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I think that there's a test only option through Excelsior College, but I'm not positive that it met the pre-requisite. It's a psychology related course but it's called Research Methods in Psychology, and I believe it met the qualitative research portion of the requirement but you'd have to check that it covers both. Good luck.

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