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Hi, just a really quick question, but do most nursing program take into consideration which college you graduate from? Like, does a 3.0 --which is the bare minimal requirement for accelerated master programs I'm looking at-- from say, Yale versus a 3.0 from a community college be the same in the application process?

Also, I have a C in my biochem course, and again, I've read that Cs can really kill your chances for acceptance. Is it possible for me to just retake the course elsewhere, do better, and use that to cover up my C?

I'm heading into my last year of college, and all these questions and doubts are starting to creep in, haha. I really appreciate any feedback and info, thank you so much!

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I would think that would be a minimal consideration for some schools that look at the big picture (cumulative gpa, letters of rec, test scores, essays, etc), but I don't think it'll make a life altering difference. Many schools have a set formula that doesn't allow for those kinds of considerations, so you just never know.

Mine didn't even care about my past gpa, as long as my cumulative met the minimum. It was just about test scores and Prereq gpa.

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