Undecided what to do, any advice?


Hello everyone, I have been on this site for about five years and am currently working as an LPN. I am taking my prerequisites at the cc in hopes of applying for the nursing program next winter for the fall start of 2018. I am working full time and my job is pretty demanding as I am on call 24/7. I commute so I leave early in the morning and do not get home until 5:30 - 6:00 at night . I have a job interview this week to work 7-3 every other weekend and also work per diem. This will be great as I will be able to devote more time on studying and I will not be on call. I will also love the 7-3. However the negatives: I will worry I am not bringing in enough money and will I get enough hours. I am married and the new job is in LTC but is only ten minutes from home. I am currently in more of a management position but I do like my job. Has anyone been in a similar situation and made a move like this or not made the move. I am struggling with this decision. I know I have to be the one to make the decision but maybe with some other nursing students or fellow nurses offering their opinion, it may sway me one way or another. Thanks for any advice.


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Like you said only you can make the decision. You have to follow your gut. I have made a couple of job changes and I left two "glitzy" jobs for a job that I knew was right for me, but probably not right for many others. I've never been happier! I struggled with the decision, I fought myself over the decision even after I accepted it, but once I hit the floor I knew I made the right one. Change is hard for nurses but it sounds like you are burning it at both ends and you need to prioritize for now and the future. Good luck in your decisions.