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UND PMHNP- Leadership Fall 2019-Spring 2020

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Asinda is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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As many would understand I've been devoting a lot of time towards researching my options for a PMHNP MSN. For a long time I've had my eyes fixed on the UND online program- they had a good reputation and were one of the more affordable options near me in SE MN. Catching up on the newest word on the forums now alarms me- it sounds like there were many changes for the worse and the new track director was not ideal. Looking at current faculty though shows there is a different interim director and the less ideal staff member is not listed on their faculty site.

I'm looking to see if anyone from the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters has any insight into if this new director has been a change for the better? Is the former director likely to come back? Overall how do you feel the learning experience has been for you?

I'm ok with the recent higher tuition costs; it's still more affordable than many other options. I'm ok with having to do a lot of the legwork of my own learning; I feel that's to be expected with most online programs and I have some great staff connections where I work that would be willing to help mentor me. I'm not ok with unpleasant instructors and unclear grading and performance parameters. 

Anyone willing to share their experience? Thank you in advance!

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