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I know there have been a few threads created about this program, but I have a few questions that I did not see asked in the previous threads. I'm looking to attend this program if at all possible. I like the fact that is has flexible start dates and doable in a year. Here is the rub. I already have a bachelors degree and an MPH. However, I do not know if my course will transfer over. I think most of them are good to go, but I am concerned about my gen chem and spanish courses. Sadly, I made a C- in gen chem and even though I had two years of spanish, neither one was a 200 level course. Also, I see that there is a PED requirement as well. I took a wellness course in undergrad, but it didn't have a physical component to it. In terms of the other requirements, I think I'm good to go. Two questions 1) will these courses effect me getting into the program or not? 2) If not, will I be able to take these courses while in the program?

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Unless things have changed, you should be all right. I have a BS Biology and masters in teaching. I finished my RN-BSN in May of this year. They offer and online health/PE where you keep an exercise log. I thought it would REALLY stupid, but I actually enjoyed the class. Fairly easy A. Spanish, another story. They offer a class if you have an under-200-level foreign language (I had 2 semesters of German, but not 200 level). I was able to take the special "Spanish for healthcare providers" which is basically 2 semesters of Spanish crammed into a 7 1/2 session. No lie, it is a b**** BUT all you gotta do is pass.

I was really happy with the program. I took one other class that didn't meet their requirements, but I took it at my community college. They have a minimum of 31 hours you have to take with them. I was able to do the minimum. I finished in a calendar year. Be persistent in your transcript review. I went to the nursing dept to get them to advocate for me. I have almost 200 undergraduate hours and they kept saying I needed this and that. They will ask for your graduate transcript, but they will not even LOOK at it. None of it counts.

Like I said, I was very happy with the program. After my first financial aide "year", I called about something and because I had an almost 4.0, I got a $3K scholarship without even asking for it. Paid for most of the program!! Also I rented all my books other than one (and an APA book, but Purdue OWL is more user-friendly)

Let me know if you have anymore questions!!!

Hey mmc51264,

I am starting at UNCW RN-BSN online program in less than a week! I only have to take 31 credits but just in case two of my classes aren't substituted, I may have to take two courses. I was thinking about taking Spanish but from all the reviews I've read, it doesn't seem like a great idea. These are the courses I have to choose from:

NSG 346 (1 credit) - Evolution of Professional Nursing

NSG 361 (1 credit) - Building a Professional Nursing Career

NSG 487 (3 credits) - Genetics and Genomics in Healthcare

NSG 480 (3 credits) - Transcultural Health Care

ENG 110 (3 credits) - Introduction to Literature

PBH 105 (3 credits) - Explorations in Public Health

PBH 320 (3 credits) - Foundations of Global Health

THR 121 (3 credits) - Introduction to Theatre

I have my english courses completed but it's been a while since I've taken an english class so literature was a good option for me. Have you heard anything about that course? I just don't want to take one of these electives and not do well in them. At the same time, I want it to be something I enjoy too. Any suggestions? Also, I have to take NUR 316 but I also have the option to take health assessment this semester. Do you think a full time nurse is able to take on both of these courses all at once? Or would it be better to just start with one course the first semester? I'm nervous about being in school again. Any suggestions or tips for success and any of the nursing courses? Thank you in advance :)

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I did two courses. I had to take the Spanish and it was ridiculous. 2 semesters of medical Spanish in 7 1/2 weeks. Got a C. Wise not to take if you don't need. I would love to learn Spanish, but it is mush too fast.

I personally love genetics (I was a Biology major), but literature might be a good balance, unless it requires a lot of reading, which I know I did not have time for. Public Health would be beneficial as would Transcultural healthcare.

Good Luck!!!!

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