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UNCG BSN Summer 2018

I just wanted to start a thread for prospective students applying to UNCG's BSN program starting in Summer/Fall 2018! Has anyone else submitted their applications yet?

I turned mine in a few weeks ago. I'm not expecting to get in as I'm not a priority student and my GPA is a 3.64, but I did score a 93.3 on my TEAS so I'm hoping they'll at least consider me.

I also applied, but as a second-degree student. I'm nervous about hearing the decisions. Do you know many students they typically admit into the cohort?

I'm not sure, honestly. I think it's anywhere between 100 and 120, but they also accept 20-30 priority students (which I think is quite stupid. Honestly, the only criteria I missed out on was that I'm a transfer student, so no priority for me!) I got the impression that I'm a pretty long shot with my stats, but I applied anyway. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Ohh...I didn't know about the priority students. Do you know what the average stats are for those who are accepted? Your stats look pretty competitive to me!

Also, do you know if they email out the decisions or do we have to wait for them to come in the mail?

I'm pretty sure you have to wait for them to come in the mail, but I'm not positive, so I would ask your advisor. I'm honestly not sure about the average stats for last year. You can email Dr. Philip Simpson, he's my advisor and he's also the student coordinator, so he's probably be able to give you that information. I was just told that my GPA was quite low for an applicant, and that they usually see GPAs from 3.7-4.0 on average.

Hey! I applied for this go around as a second degree student as well. I spoke with Britt Flanagan before I even applied because I know how competitive their program is and I didn't want to waste my time or theirs. I have a 3.63 overall and she told me I look like a solid applicant on paper. I'm cautiously optimistic about getting in. I guess it just depends on how we match up and the number of priority and veterans access students they accept.

Do any of you have your CNA or worked as a CNA?

No, I have my EMT and currently work for Guilford Co. EMS.

Oof you're ahead of me already. I started off in pre-veterinary medicine so I don't have my CNA or my EMT. Which makes me more worried xD Dr. Simpson says they're sending out decision letters this Friday...

Really? What was your TEAS score?

I'm not sure that having experience or not really matters, I know I mentioned it in my two short answer responses on the application but I know they are mainly looking at our overall GPA, pre-req grades and teas score. I would say being an EMT definitely helps as far as basic assessment skills in a pre hospital setting, plus I get to see some cool stuff and coordinate with nurses daily, but in terms for applying I'm not sure it helps much. I made an 86 on my teas on the first try, but I took it so late I couldn't retake it with enough time. I was told a mid 80's score would be preferred. Hopefully it's good enough, I was really hoping to get at least a 90. Fingers crossed!

Oh wow that is good! I was up all night before mine because I have the worst test anxiety xD

I also don't have any CNA experience, but I have volunteered at a local hospital in a patient contact role. I surprisingly scored in the 99th percentile on the TEAS without much prep, but I have a "lower GPA" (around 3.6) so I hope they balance each other out.

I only have a 3.62 GPA with 84.7 Teas score. Not so confident about getting accepted tho. Do you mean cumulative GPA or prered gpa?

I'm talking cumulative GPA, I think my pre-req GPA is a little higher but I don't know the exact number. Overall I have a 3.64 cumulative GPA and a 93.3 teas, so I'm also not so confident about getting accepted...

I can't believe they send out letters tomorrow... I'm freaking out.

Hopefully with me living locally it will get here pretty fast (with the answer I'm hoping for lol).

I'm so nervous, too!! I wish they would email them instead of having to wait for the snail mail.


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