uncertainties of a Nursing student


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When tomorrow seems vague

By Dariza Flor A. Pineda

I was yet so young and innocent when I chose to take up this course. But there was only one thing that I am sure of... I know that this is what I really want.

I can still remember the very moment that I entered the portals of my school, Capitol University. Uncertainty engulfed my young mind. It was just out of the blue that I enrolled myself in this course but later I realized that I was meant for tis craft.

Definitely, the first few months have been both joyous and horrible. Nevertheless, more of the horrible moments happened as the days passed by. Appaling are those times when I flunked a quiz; missed an oral exam; suffered from a "mental block" during a term exam; scolded for some reasons; got late in an RLE class and received extensions thereafter and some other resentful events in the classroom.

I somehow realized that no matter how I give it the best shot, things couldn't just turn out the way I want them to be. I feel like tomorrow seems vague. And this gives me a feeling of being downtrodden because I cannot reach what is expected of me...

Nevertheless, I know for a fact that I will not forever remain a failure. Someday, I'm gonna show to the world that I am far better than what the world thought I am capable of achieving. In the end, even if the day after tomorrow seems vague, I know I will get through! I still hold my future!


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This is very heartfelt...but I am unclear are you still a nursing student or not? Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you are having a rough time, but still hanging in....am I correct? I hope this is right because we all want each other to finish the race if we really want it. Please clarify so we know what you are facing.:heartbeat

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