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Hi! please help me clear up up my misunderstanding .

Once I graduate from college, I am moving to New York.

What is the Hourly wage for a new BSN RN? I tried finding this answers through searching through old post, but I am finding mixed answers.

I gotten al kinds of answers from 20/ hr to something as high as 40...

I know given the location, for instance in Manhattan, that high value may be the case.

Realistically, I was looking to move outside of NYC and expecting to start at 30/hr or 35/hr?

So, what is the hourly wage that I can expect to start at once I earn my degree and assuming I pass the NCLEX?


30-35 isn't unrealistic. However,there isn't a fixed hourly wage anyone hear can tell you of.I have seen rates as low as early twenties to high early fifties in NYC.Depends what type of employer you work for e.g agencies, LTC, hospitals etc. A good idea would be to look at the overall compensation package than just the hourly amount. As a new grad, maybe hospitals give you BSN differential but i don't know of other places that offer extra for it. very few maybe. Elsewhere, it is the experience that makes the diff.

Thanks so much for you help! Very informative!

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Please reconsider uprooting yourself and moving to the NYC area. There are no new grad jobs in NJ, and VERY few in NYC. There are dozens of threads in this forum about countless nurses (new grads + experienced) who are unable to find a position, even after over a year of searching.

The market is VERY tight here, thanks to budget cuts, lots of local nursing schools, and hospital closures.

NYC is a fun, but very expensive place to live. You're better off finding a local job to gain some experience until the market picks up again.

Sorry to sound so negative, but it's the reality here.

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I agree, out of the maybe 50 people who graduated from my school in the last year only about 6 have found jobs, no one wants new grads in NYC or NJ or CT or the surrounding areas

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