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UNCC pre-nursing..Need advice.

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OBigdog26 has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP.

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Hello to all. I was just wondering if I can get any feedback on how competitive the BSN program is in UNC Charlotte. I went to the orientation and the counselors were pessimistic of pre-nursing students being accepted into the upper division nursing program. I have am reluctant in pursuing my education there. I have healthcare experience, and currently am a respiratory therapist. I just don't want to waste my time and money if I can't get accepted into that program.

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EricJRN has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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I moved your thread to the NC Forum for more responses. Good luck!

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supermo specializes in Policy, Emergency OR, Peds OR, CVOR.

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There are tons of nursing programs in Charlotte and the surrounding area. I wouldn't limit myself to one program right away. I would ask myself a few questions about what I absolutely need in a program and check a lot of them out.

Are you determined to go directly to BSN or is ADN to RN-BSN an option?

Are you currently taking/have you taken pre-req courses (Anatomy, Chem, etc.)? Go to the programs' websites and see what the pre-reqs are. You can take your pre-reqs anywhere but, if you are going to transfer for nursing major, make sure that the class you are taking will carry the same credit at the new school. (UNCC has a handy dandy advisor https://selfservice.uncc.edu/pls/BANPROD/ywsktrar.P_Disp_States that tells you which class transfers as what there)

How long are you willing to wait to get into a program? You may apply in December to get into the following Fall enrollment. You may apply in December and get into the Spring enrollment A YEAR LATER. If these are ADN programs, you can take your pre-reqs while waiting to get into the nursing majors

Which programs can you afford? This is a huge factor. Did you know that CPCC & UNCC are cooperatively offering a BSN? I don't know a lot of details, I only know what the director of our program has told us. It seems that you can get the Associates in pre-nursing, then you can transfer to UNCC directly into the nursing major.

((Quick side note - {for NC residents}

Fall 2007 UNCC tuition undergrad - ~$2200 (based on website)

Fall 2007 CPCC tuition ADN program - ~$650 (based on my bill:))

What a difference!!))

Here are the (CHARLOTTE) BSN options (obtained from NCBON):



The ADN options:






There are also nursing programs in the surrounding counties.

Info from here-- http://www.ncbon.com/#

The number one thing I learned when navigating the local nursing ed scene was to not take the attitude or information from anyone to heart. I learned all I could about all the local programs and went with what I thought was best for me. Two different UNCC counselors advised me in two completely different directions. They are just people, I can't vilify them, just try to make wise decisions :)

I am happy with where I am going. Hope I helped you a little.

Good luck!

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