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my 1st post so hang in there with me. please help me with a problem that happened in nov. 2001. my mom died nov 27th on the way to see her dr. that she has had for years. he finally had found the time to see her even after years of being a patient. she had been to 2 ER at different hospitals. alll sending her home after in ekg only. no lab work, no urinalizess, or mri even though she has had emergency surgery in the same hospital the year before for 90% blockage to several arteries in her neck and had emergency surgery. one male nurse made the statement to my family "your mother will just have to be on her deathbed before recieving treatment. she was 58 years old, teacher, mother, grandmother. her symptoms included nimb, tingling both arms, sob, sever pain in her shoulder blades, and rib cages, and she was laying on the floor cring and vomiting. can anyone answer me as to why a nurse would say this to the family of a dying patient? i am so discussed i myself am a nurse and never never never would do this. please pray i dont look this nurse up and kill him. thank you for listening.

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