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UNC RN to BSN bridge program

Has 6 years experience. Specializes in Emergency Dept. Trauma. Pediatrics.

Anyone on here semi recently do this? I can't get a reply from who I emailed from the website and I am a bit confused on the site.

Outside of having your RN and the Nursing Classes to get the BSN, what do you need to graduate. I have a lot of stuff done I didn't need here in CO from my school in WA, (Unorganic Chem, Organic Chem, Speech Communications, Sociology, Psych 101) and a few others, I did the 3 credit nutrition class. I am trying to get a clear picture of what else I will need so I can take care of all the NON nursing classes while I work as an RN before applying for the Bridge Program. I know I will need Stats and I don't have that yet.

Also, is it a 3.0 that you need? I could have sworn I read that but I had a friend tell me it's a 3.5 for the bridge program.

I know the actually BSN program is different, so that is why I am asking for people that did the Bridge or know a lot about it. This is the route I plan on going in a couple years.

Do you have added clinicals also for the Bridge Program, or is it strictly online except day 1?

Thank you in advance for any information someone can shed. If know one has done it I will just have to stalk the people there to finally get a response LOL


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