UNC Charlotte: study on allnurses.com - looking for members to interview

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Hi everyone,

allnurses.com was approached several months back from researchers from UNC Charlotte about studying allnurses.com for research about Sense of Virtual Community in professional virtual communities.

They would like to interview a range of members from “newbies” to more senior members and nurses early in their career as well as more established in their careers.

I have approved this research, and I am quite interested to seeing the results of the study, which we will be sharing with the community when it is complete.

If you would be interested in participating in this research, please follow the instructions below. Thanks


Survey Specifics:

Researchers at UNC Charlotte are conducting a study of AllNurses.com to understand how nurses use this site and what participating in AllNurses.com means to them both professionally and personally. Would you be willing to be interviewed about AllNurses.com? Please click here: http://uncc.surveyshare.com/s/AQA4WYD


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